Charts. Visualize real-time application data.

A modern data visualization tool that allows you to easily create, share, and embed visualizations from Atlas and Atlas Data Lake.
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Illustration of a database producing charts.
Charts gives you a quick, simple, and powerful way to perform data visualization with MongoDB Atlas data. Because Charts integrates with Atlas Data Lake, you can find more robust insights from the blended Atlas databases and AWS S3 data.
  • Real-time business intelligence and insights
  • Embedded analytics
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Quick, easy, real-time business insights

Charts makes it easy to create dashboards with multiple charts in just a few clicks. Charts also updates automatically, so you get a real-time view of data. Take advantage of easy collaboration with your team -- share and edit dashboards with everyone, or give view-only access to those you choose.
Illustration of JSON data and a chart.

Make decisions based on complex data with less effort

Charts uses JSON data to make analytics simpler, natively supporting a rich document model, including nested and hierarchical data. Spend less time searching for insights, and more time making decisions. No flattening data into tabular structures like with traditional business intelligence tools.
Illustration of analytics on a laptop.

Create modern data experiences with embedded analytics

With Charts for embedded analytics, embed visuals into any application quickly and simply. Use an iFrame to quickly embed, or use our embedding SDK for even greater control and customization. Deliver powerful insights and relevant data to users where they need it.
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Feature overview
Made for JSON
Charts is built for the document model and visualizing JSON data so you can do more faster.
Integrated with Atlas
Zero setup or ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). Quick data visualization for Atlas or Atlas Data Lake.
Embed via iFrame or SDK
Embedded analytics lets you embed charts quickly via iFrame, or with rich customization through the embedding SDK.
Built for collaboration
Charts makes it easy to create and collaborate securely with shared dashboards.

Learn more about Charts

Read more about getting started with Charts and discover how MongoDB customers use Charts to power their business.
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Hands-on learning with Charts
Learn new ways to visualize data, break down pre-made charts, and quickly discover what Charts can do for you.
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Case Study
Real-time business transformation powered by data
Acxiom becomes a martech leader using Atlas, Realm, and Charts.
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Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our application data platform.
Build fast, relevance-based full-text search in minutes. Eliminate the need to run a separate search engine alongside your database.
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Get started with Charts today

Charts is the best way to create, share, and embed data visualizations from MongoDB Atlas. Get started by deploying a free Atlas cluster and activating Charts.
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  • Rich JSON format
  • Integrated with Atlas
  • Embedded analytics
  • Sharing and collaboration