The Customer Success Program at MongoDB

The Customer Success Program enables end to end customer engagements in order to increase customer satisfaction by helping clients to realize the full potential of their MongoDB subscription and services.

What is the Customer Success Program?

The Customer Success Team will partner with your teams via regular touch points on:

  • MongoDB Onboarding – Introduce the features available with your subscription and how best to leverage our Technical Services

  • MongoDB Adoption – Custom strategies to unlock the full potential of your MongoDB subscription and provide access to product roadmaps

  • MongoDB Deployment – Introduce best practices, tailored recommendations, and MongoDB resources to meet your deployment objectives

  • MongoDB Expansion – Align business priorities to continue to realize value at scale on MongoDB


Who are Customer Success Managers?

We are a global team of Customer Success Managers and trusted advisors for our clients. We help them transform their Giant Ideas into reality. We interact with our clients on a daily basis and we are an integral part of their MongoDB journey and success in achieving ambitious goals.

“The Customer Success Managers at MongoDB work directly with your application teams to help strategize and accelerate your MongoDB adoption and project timelines.”

Cleat Broome, Team Lead, Customer Success Austin, TX - USA

“In a fast-paced industry where meeting deadlines can be crucial to a project, we as Customer Success Managers want to make sure that we add a human touch in forging strong partnerships with your teams while reaching your objectives.”

Daniela Kahnt, Customer Success Manager Dublin, Ireland - EMEA