Category Topics

About the Community

Community information and announcements including Welcome posts for introductions, a Getting Started guide, and The Treehouse for casual off-topic discussion.

Product & Driver Announcements

Product announcements and release notes shared by the MongoDB Product and Engineering teams.

Working with Data

Discussions about working with data including queries, updates, aggregation, indexes, data modelling, schema validation, change streams, and transactions.

Ops and Admin

Discussions for database administrators who are installing, configuring, securing, monitoring, upgrading, and scaling MongoDB.

MongoDB Atlas

Discussions about MongoDB Atlas including Charts, Data Lake, Search, and Serverless.

MongoDB Realm

Discussions about developing applications with MongoDB Realm, including Realm SDKs, Realm Sync, and Application Development Services including GraphQL and Functions & Triggers.

MongoDB University

This category contains discussions around MongoDB University courses. For more information about MongoDB University or to register for free, self-paced courses please visit

Other MongoDB Topics

Discussions that don’t fit into other MongoDB categories, such as documentation questions.

User Groups

Promote upcoming MongoDB user group events, share recordings or other media from recent user group events, brainstorm meetup ideas, look for speakers, and more in this category.

MongoDB for Academia

MongoDB for Academia is designed to help educators & students learn about MongoDB by providing a wide range of resources, this category contains discussions and questions from students & educators about our offers, or teaching and learning MongoDB.

MongoDB for Startups

Welcome to the MongoDB for Startups program!